Having Ridiculous FAITH!

I believe that God is looking for young people who have ridiculous faith like Elisha.

Elisha’s story begins in 1 Kings 19:14-21 as God tells Elijah to anoint Elisha as the prophet to replace him. In this passage we read that Elijah finds Elisha plowing in a field with a pair of oxen and immediately throws his mantle on Elisha as an invitation to follow him. Elisha immediately obeys and burns his plow and cooks the oxen and gives it to his friends to eat. 

We learn from Elisha that to have ridiculous faith,

1. You need to have ridiculous commitment. 

  • Elisha exhibited ridiculous commitment to Elijah. He wasted no time in obeying. He didn’t go away to take time to think about it. He didn’t write out a list of pros and cons. He didn’t play it safe. He immediately said yes to God’s calling through Elijah.
  • Elisha’s ridiculous commitment shows that the cost of following God is great, but the cost of not following Him is even greater.
  • Elisha’s commitment was complete. He burned his plows, slaughtered his oxen, and left his family’s inheritance behind. He left everything he knew and loved behind.
  • Elisha shows us that to step toward your destiny, you have to step away from your security.

Let me ask you this, is your commitment to God immediate and complete like Elisha’s? What security might you need to walk away from in order to walk toward your destiny? I believe God want to move us towards our destiny, but we are to comfortable with the security we have. 

2. Your ridiculous commitment must be continual. (2 Kings 2:1-18)

  • Before Elijah is taken up into Heaven, he is called by God to visit Bethel and asks Elisha to stay behind.
  • Elisha is so committed to serving God that he refuses Elijah’s request and goes with him to Bethel. This was not a one-time incident as Elisha served God faithfully until the day he died.
  • Elisha was the pure definition of what it means to be fully devoted to God.

How committed are you to God? Are you fully committed or just committed when it’s convenient for you?

3. You have to be willing to start small. (2 Kings 3)

  2 Kings 3 is a fascinating story where we find the three kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom joining forces to fight a war they thought they could easily win, but things didn’t go as planned. The kings then ask Elisha for help in their fight.

The answer Elisha gives the kings is not what they expected. Elisha tells them (in the King James Version) to go and dig ditches and that God will fill the ditches with water, which will nourish the troops and their cattle. If they do this, Elisha tells the kings that God will deliver Moab into their hands. The kings likely found Elisha’s request a bit ridiculous, but they believed in God’s promise and did as they were told.

This story is all about faith. Only God can send the water, but he wants you to dig the ditches. If you want to see some water in your life, then dig a ditch.

  • Real faith works and believes big, but you must be willing to start small.
  • The size of your vision isn’t intimidating to God.
  • Many don’t think big enough, but even more won’t start small.

How do you dig a ditch? Take your “shovel” and hit the ground one “shovel” at a time.

  • You can’t expect God to give you big things if you won’t start small. Believe big. Start small.
  • Put your faith into action by digging some ditches.

hat's keeping you from having ridiculous faith? What's a big vision you have that you need God’s help in accomplishing? What small ditches might you need to dig to begin the process of making that vision a reality?